Showcase 2 – QT Simple VoIP Program

This software is a DEMO, intended to demonstrates MY SKILLS in this subjects:

Programming LanguajeC++
IDEQt Creator 4.3.0
OSWindows, Ubuntu
QT version5.9 (WIndows) 5.5.1 (Ubuntu)
QT Technologies InvolvedAudio (low level), Network UDP communication, Dialog, threading
QT classes usedQDialog, QMainWindow, QHostAddress, QUdpSocket, QThread, QMutex, QIODevice, QAudioFormat, QAudioOutput, QAudioInput, QByteArray, QMessageBox, QString, QTableWidgetItem, QTableWidget.

And Other Widgets and general classes


Showcase2 is a simple VoIP program completely developed using QT libraries, and C++, intended to be used inside your private network (does not implements any NAT traversal algorithm). Download this demo and prepare yourself with microphone and earphones.

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