Showcase 3 – MFC, DirectShow & Image manipulation

Download Showcase 3 Program clicking here

This software is a DEMO, intended to demonstrates MY SKILLS in this subjects:

Programming LanguajeC++
IDEVisual Studio 2015
MFC classes usedCDialogEx, CWnd, CFont, CDC
Direct Show classes & interfaces usedICreateDevEnum, IEnumMoniker, IMoniker, IPropertyBag, IEnumPins, IBaseFilter, IMediaControl, CLSID_VideoMixingRenderer9,
IVMRFilterConfig9, IVMRMixerBitmap9, IAMVideoCompression, IAMStreamConfig, IGraphBuilder


Showcase 3 is a MFC / DirectShow program, focused in handling video camera preview, capturing a frame, create a composition with a static image (a crown) and save it to file. Prepare yourself with a computer camera and a funny smile. Continue reading “Showcase 3 – MFC, DirectShow & Image manipulation”