Showcase 3 – MFC, DirectShow & Image manipulation

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This software is a DEMO, intended to demonstrates MY SKILLS in this subjects:

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Showcase 3 is a MFC / DirectShow program, focused in handling video camera preview, capturing a frame, create a composition with a static image (a crown) and save it to file. Prepare yourself with a computer camera and a funny smile.


  • first download software using this link
  • unpack contents in a empty folder
  • Double click and run Showcase3.exe
  • You must see first about dialog, just click OK and continue next screen.

Then you must see camera program screen:

Then, follow instructions in text box on right-bottom corner:

  1. Move crown: just press mouse’s left button over the crown and move it
  2. Resize crown: press CTRL button (AND HOLDS) on keyboard and use mouse’s left button again in order to resize crown
  3. Save image composition: save to file in bmp format

You must get a image like this:

Code Snippet

BOOL CShowcase3Dlg::BuildPreviewGraph()
    // we have one already
    if (fPreviewGraphBuilt)
        return TRUE;

    // No rebuilding while we're running
    if (fPreviewing)
        return FALSE;

    if (!pVCap.IsValid()) return FALSE;

    hids::vmr9::Renderer vmrRenderer;
    auto fc = vmrRenderer.GetFilterConfig();
    fc.NumberOfStreams = 1;
    wc = vmrRenderer.GetWindowlessControl();

    pFg.AddFilter(vmrRenderer, L"Video Mixer Renderer");

    if(!pBuilder.RenderStream(&PIN_CATEGORY_PREVIEW, &MEDIATYPE_Video, pVCap, nullptr, &vmrRenderer)) return false;

    hids::AMStreamConfig pVSC;
    pVSC = pBuilder.FindInterface(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, &MEDIATYPE_Interleaved, pVCap, IID_IAMStreamConfig).Cast<hids::AMStreamConfig>();
    if (!pVSC) pVSC = pBuilder.FindInterface(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, &MEDIATYPE_Video, pVCap, IID_IAMStreamConfig).Cast<hids::AMStreamConfig>();

    hids::AmMediaTypeHolder media;
    VIDEOINFOHEADER* vih = media.GetVideoInfoHeader();

    RECT s, d, rc;
    ::GetClientRect(ghwndApp, &rc);
    rc.bottom -= VIDEO_MARGIN;
    float factor = (float)rc.bottom / (float)vih->bmiHeader.biHeight;
    rc.right = (long)((float)vih->bmiHeader.biWidth * factor);
    SetRect(&s, 0, 0, vih->bmiHeader.biWidth, vih->bmiHeader.biHeight);
    SetRect(&d, VIDEO_MARGIN, VIDEO_MARGIN, rc.right, rc.bottom);
    wc.SetVideoPosition(s, d);

    VMR9AlphaBitmap x;
    memset(&x, 0, sizeof(x));
    x.hdc = crownDC;
    SetRect(&x.rSrc, 0, 0, CROWN_WIDTH, CROWN_HEIGHT);
    paintRect.right = rc.right;
    paintRect.bottom = rc.bottom;
    crownXpos = 0;
    crownYpos = 0;
    scale_factor = 1.0f;
    x.rDest.left = (float)crownXpos / (float)paintRect.right; = (float)crownYpos / (float)paintRect.bottom;
    x.rDest.right = x.rDest.left + (float)(CROWN_WIDTH) * scale_factor  / (float)paintRect.right;
    x.rDest.bottom = + (float)(CROWN_HEIGHT)* scale_factor / (float)paintRect.bottom;
    x.fAlpha = 1.0f;
    x.dwFlags = VMR9AlphaBitmap_hDC | VMR9AlphaBitmap_SrcColorKey;
    isShowingCrown = true;

    MixerBitmap = vmrRenderer.GetMixerBitmap();

    fPreviewGraphBuilt = TRUE;
    return TRUE;


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